About Us

About our Owner (Autumn Pace)

Autumn is a huge fan of downtown Bristol and is an advocate for supporting small business and had dreamed of owning her own small business someday. Little did she know, that dream would become a reality with Serendipity. As a long-time supporter and fan of Serendipity, Autumn knew the long-standing reputation Serendipity had in the community and for bringing fashion forward looks to its customers at unbeatable prices. Autumn has an eye for fashion, really enjoys putting outfits together, and has a huge heart for helping others. When the opportunity came around to purchase Serendipity, because of her love of small business and her keen eye for fashion, it was an easy, "yes."
Autumn purchased Serendipity in December of 2023 and is thrilled to experience entrepreneurship, grow in community in downtown Bristol, and deepen relationships with customers at Serendipity. She will be keeping much of the same brands you are used to seeing at Serendipity, but will add some additional product assortment that will help diversify Serendipity's product offerings and strengthen the overall brand.
"I can't wait for you to experience all that Serendipity has to offer, and see all the new products and events that are going to be happening at the shoppe. I invite you to come down and come shop with us at Serendipity." - Autumn Pace


About our Founder (Sarah Jane Hull)

Sarah Jane Hull experienced a pivotal life changing moment in the 7th grade that ignited her passion and life purpose to help others feel better about themselves through the way they dressed. She experienced first hand how an outfit can change a person's self image and give a person the confidence they need to face any situation. While Sarah believes that beauty has more to do with the person than the dress, a woman realizing her beauty for the first time is life changing. Sarah founded Serendipity in 2007 with the goal of creating a shopping experience that would allow every woman to realize her inner beauty.
"Confidence believes in your own beauty. A woman who believes in her own personal style and feels good about herself exudes a confidence that is contagious. I am on a mission to spread that contagious confidence one outfit at a time" -Sarah Jane Hull